G.M.P. is a diamond dealing firm and a global supplier of rough diamonds directly from African mines. With expertise in the diamond mining industry, G.M.P. founder Koffi Joseph decided to bring his passion and enthusiasm for all aspects of the diamond industry to G.M.P. Our head office is located right in the heart of the diamond industry, Accra, Ghana. In the years since its initial conception, G.M.P. has triumphantly established a reliable global network of diamond trading.

G.P.M specializes in acquiring and trading rough diamonds from primary sources across the globe and are a vital player in the industry. As a developing company, G.M.P. Market’s diamonds to companies that sell and manufacture diamonds in several continents.

Our vast knowledge and professional background in the diamond trade combined with in-depth knowledge of all the intricacies associated with trading diamonds have provided G.M.P. with a solid backbone in an ever-changing market.

Furthermore, our profoundly rooted trading relationships have been a real asset as G.P.M. continues to expand and flourish.

At G.P.M., our philosophy extends far beyond the lucrative nature of our business. Trading diamond is more than just a commodity trading to us, we desire to introduce the very best diamonds mined from African mines to the world. Establishing long-lasting trade relationships by producing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and proficiency in the diamond trading industry.


As the saying goes, “diamonds are forever,” finding the right one is more complicated. G.P.M. is committed to assisting its buyers in finding precisely what they’re looking for.

With our ample supply of primary-sourced rough stones, we have the unique opportunity and ability to meet a wide range of our customer’s diamond demands. From full cuts to rough stones and original packages of all types, sizes, and colors, we can offer a hugely diverse selection.

Whatever you are seeking, being it industrial diamonds or natural fancy color diamonds, G.P.M. is your specialist. We also trade a variety of polished diamonds that range from 1 (one) carat in size to much larger diamonds, we also sell other precious stones. Count on G.P.M. to meet your diamond needs at the most competitive market prices.


Koffi Joseph, the C.E.O. and managing director of G.P.M., has devoted most of his life to trading diamonds. Over many years of experience in the diamond mining industry in Africa, he has developed a deep understanding and expertise over the years in the quality of diamonds that is rare to find in today’s world.

After gaining extensive experience buying and selling rough diamonds from various countries such as Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, the Ivory Coast, South Africa, and Sierra Leone Koffi branched out on his and founded G.P.M., a diamond trading corporation that incorporates his passion for diamonds and extensive experience in the diamond trading industry globally.

Joseph decided to base his business is none other than the center of the diamond industry – Accra, Ghana. Location is vital in any industry, and G.P.M.’s proximity to the largest diamond center in Africa helps to ensure that our corporation stays on top of the diamond trading business.

Maintaining the connections he developed while working in the industry all these years as well as his outstanding reputation and proven professionalism, Joseph was able to expand G.P.M. into a flourishing and notable supplier of rough diamonds worldwide while maintaining the integrity that places G.P.M. apart from others.

Joseph looks ahead to continued growth within the diamond trading industry in Africa, as G.P.M stays up-to-date with the latest innovations and seeks reliable ways to meet the needs of its clients.



In order to get in touch with one of G.P.M.’s representatives, please contact one of our offices.


Accra (headquarter):
Box 101 Tema – Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 54 523 6522
Email: [email protected] 


Phone: +1 563 265 0968 (WhatsApp)