Here You know details about How to Buy Rough diamonds in Congo?

As you don’t have any idea about how to buy diamonds in Congo DRC as we call it has large concentrates of natural Rough Diamonds mainly in Mbujimay and Tchikapa  provinces. Buying rough diamonds is not any easy process, it can be very difficult and risky. Buying and selling diamonds system designed to protect the dealers and the diamond business. Most diamond producers of congo will not sell to someone they don’t know and won’t sell small quantities without any licence. These are mainly explored by the locals manually and a small or large part by companies like GPM Diamonds.

Diamonds mining needs a licence for extraction and a licence for trading in diamonds both carry a hefty sum in USD that have to be renewed every year. People who do it without the licence exist but it’s high risk and illegal. If you get a licence or a sub licence from RGE big trader which will be cheaper when buying your own licence you put your trading office at the destination of mining or in the capital city Kinshasa. You will need the required expertise to appraise the value of each rough diamond which the local miners or commission agents will come with.

Buying diamonds in cash USD currency new origin notes require, because many fraud person try to use fake money. Only then pack it with government representatives present there seal it and along with a certificate of the government you can courier it or carry it outside congo Drc to the buyer location.

How to buy diamonds in congo

How to buy diamonds in congo?

The trade of buying and selling diamond has had the Kimberley Process in place of congo for many years to prevent “conflict” diamonds this also known as “Blood Diamonds” from being traded at legal and illegal trade level.

Legal Trade : It has stringent Export and Import Regulation for CUT Diamonds and Rough diamonds, As well Rough diamonds little liberal than CUT diamonds. If you are buying from India, approach “GJEPC”.

Illegal Trade : Rough and CUT diamonds are being smuggled in or out to Various African Countries in Grey market and Belgium rough diamond market. Risky and Offensive in many other countries.

Trade Advice : If you travelling to CANGO, from BANGKOK you can buy rough diamonds at cheaper price and good quantity. Most of the African or Cango diamonds genuine traders bring their diamonds Cargo to Bangkok where they sell at Competitive price. SINCE BANGKOK is the Diamond and Gemstones trade HUB. From there you can easily buy diamonds and also get Safe transaction rather than congo.

Bottom Line

Basically you can’t able to buy good quality diamonds in congo, unless you have a expert known and trust in the Congo who can able to buy the stones and send on your address, as well export diamonds also is a painful process. The best you can do is buy from G.P.M Diamonds. We have already imported the stones in many places, it’s difficult to get quality but it is possible.

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